Your first year in college is one of the most exciting and momentous periods you will ever experience in your life. For most freshmen, this is the time to take up new responsibilities, to make new friends, and to face new challenges.

However, it is also vital to acknowledge the fact that college life will present a generous share of stress and confusion. There will be times when you will feel nervous, scared, enthused, intimidated, excited or any other combination of emotions.

During all these moments of happiness and sadness, remember that you are not alone. There are millions of freshmen preparing to embark on the same journey as you. Furthermore, there are millions of students who have successfully made it through college.

If they have finished to the end, you should too! This article will give you some words of wisdom for any current college freshmen, that’ll guide you in your exciting first year of college.

Words of Wisdom for College Freshmen

1. Remain Authentic

Do not forget your values just because you want to make a couple of friends. Your true friends will like you for who you are and not for somebody you wish to be.

2. Purchase a Planner

Your life has never been busier than it is going to be in college. Unfortunately, your limited memory will be fully engaged in cramming facts for all your lectures.

Do not make the load heavier for your mind by adding appointments, assignments, and dates to the already huge chunk of mental information. Purchase a good planner and use it!

3. Show up for All Lectures

Unless you are suffering from a contagious ailment, ensure you attend every class session. Remember, 80 percent of success comes from just showing up. When in class, sit as close to the front as possible to capture every word said by your professor.

4. Choose your Courses wisely

A majority of people go through life hating their jobs because of selecting the wrong courses. As a college student, you are taking an important step towards doing a career you really like, even if you are not yet sure of what you want to major in.

It is crucial to realize the choices and the possibilities before you. Instead of living an unfulfilled life or hopping from one boring job to the next, select the course you are passionate about.

5. Get to know your Professors

Find time to visit your professors or tutors twice or three times per semester during office hours with a draft of your lab report or essay for review. Once graded work has been returned, go back and ask your professor how you can improve your score.

Remember, your tutors and professors will be your advocates, references, and even your friends later on in life. Make an effort to have them remember your name before the semester ends. If your tutor or professor is giving a talk or making a performance, make every effort to show up and let him/ her know you did.

6. Dedication and Hard work
Nothing worthwhile comes easy. A successful college career not only requires dedication but also sacrifice and hard work. Make your education a top priority from the first day you step into college until the day you graduate.

7. Healthy Tips

Getting sick means that you will not only miss out on lots of classes but also lots of fun. Thus, it is essential to eat well, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep. Fortunately, most colleges have well-equipped gyms with fitness classes as well as other wonderful recreational assets like swimming pools.

Use these facilities because you have paid for them. Apart from helping you to live a longer, happier, and healthier life, regular exercise also helps you to retain the information you read. What’s more? The gym, the recreation center or intramural sports are incredible ways to meet new people and make trustworthy friends.

8. Ask Questions

A lot of cash is being spent on catering for your college education. Every question that you avoid to ask is a waste of the money paid for your college education. Always come to class prepared to ask questions when things don’t seem to make sense to you during class. Remember, no question is a stupid question. Most importantly, turn off your mobile phone and avoid texting or Whatsapping during class.

9. Participate in Co-curricular Activities

Take advantage of the various social activities offered by the campus, for instance, events, clubs, service trips, organizations, religious groups, and much more. Join clubs or organizations you are passionate about. Try something you truly love and maybe an area you would want to explore in detail.

Remember, the first year in college should be all about finding the perfect clubs you would like to remain part of until you graduate.

10. Do not Allow Bad Test Grades to Discourage You

When you fail a test, do not give up. You can still perform better if you make an effort to do things the right way. Talk to your professors to see what they have to recommend and adhere to the advice.

Let your tutors, advisers, and professors know that you care about excellence and they will work with you to ensure you excel.

11. You do not Need to Purchase All of Your Course books

Every college textbook or coursebook is worth a heavy dollar. It is vital to realize that it is not compulsory for you to buy all your textbooks or course books brand new. You can either rent or buy them used.

If the books sold in the college are pretty expensive (which is usually the case), try buying them from Amazon or any other online retail shop for that matter.

12. Be Social

Do not put a lot of pressure on yourself in the name of making friends in your first year of college. If you remain approachable and friendly, you will meet amazing people during your four years in college.

Socialize freely and try not to tie yourself to a specific group of friends. Always seize the available chances to meet new people. Do not walk around the campus playing games or texting.

Final Thoughts

While being in college can be tough in many ways including socially, financially, emotionally or physically, these tips will help you to make it through without much struggle.

Best of luck as you try to implement the tips to manage the anxiety, tension, and stress that comes with college life.

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