Now more than ever, many individuals who wish to acquire higher education are increasingly turning to e-learning. Indeed according to a Babson research report that was released last year, they are now more than seven million online students in the US alone. Which is a 15% growth from the roughly six million that the same firm estimated in 2017. This is hardly surprising when you take the time to consider the multitude of benefits this mode of learning presents when compared to the traditional campus setting. Such as offering students an unmatched flexibility in studying form virtually anywhere they may be located, at their own pace as well as minimal disruption to their regular schedule.

As would be expected there are currently very many higher education institutions that offer online degree programs. Which can naturally make one wonder just what is the best online college? Well, if you might be interested to pursue further education through the internet, the following is an in-depth guide to the very best e-learning colleges you might like to give a try.

What is the best accredited online college?
This is a fairly tricky query as there are quite a number of factors that come into play when appraising the relevance of the programs offered by online higher education institutions. This includes academic excellence, the caliber of teaching faculty, teaching approach, awards, number of degree programs offered as well as the distinct accreditation of the same. When it comes to the latter factor it can be good to fully establish just which accreditation agency vouchers for the degree program you wish to enroll in. Most online colleges usually offer virtually the same courses as they do in the traditional campus setting. This means they also carry more or less the same accreditations. You can effortlessly verify such data from the official websites of these institutions or make research through higher education information and resources sites.

What is the best online college for business?
When it comes to the top online colleges for business-related degree programs the University of Florida distance learning is arguably in a class of its own. According to US News World Report magazine’s recent poll on higher education institutions, this university was ranked #3 in the best online colleges for business category. The Warrington College of Business Administration is accredited by the Association to advance collegiate schools of business (AACSB) international. Which is undoubtedly one of the most highly recognized accreditation agencies for business schools globally. This college offers a 4 year BSc. In business administration program that lays a solid foundation in diverse business disciplines. This includes business law, management & marketing, international business as well as finance. This program also includes an introductory course in accounting and economics. Together with additional courses in specific business disciplines such as real estate and entrepreneurship.

What is the best online college for criminal justice?
Boston University is undoubtedly a leader in online programs for criminal justice. This higher education institution happens to be one of the biggest independent non-profit university in the US, and is also a member of the elitist Association of American universities. Its online degree programs are accredited by the New England Association of School & Colleges inc. Through its metropolitan college, Boston University offers an online Masters in criminal justice (MJC) degree. That can be the ideal stepping stone for career advancement, gaining entry to law school, pursue a doctorate degree or even take a teaching post. This unique program comprehensively analyzes criminal behavior, elaborates on leadership principles, offers in-depth insight into law enforcement, the judicial system and corrections. Not to mention that it is taught by some of the best minds in criminal justice in the US and is covered in less than 2 years. This university also offers scholarship programs in policing, corrections as well as the judicial system.

What is the best online college to attend?
When it comes to arguably the best online college of all time, Penn State World Campus easily fits that bill. This is an online branch of the highly respected Pennsylvania State University, and currently, has over one hundred online programs. This ranges from engineering, business, education, technology, healthcare and the list go on. The world-class faculty that teach in the brick and mortar campus are the same that do so for this online college. Students also get to access vital career academic advice as well as other top notch student support services. Penn State World campus degree programs are accredited by the Middle States Association of colleges and schools. Graduates join the Penn State alumni, which happens to be one of the largest of its kind globally.

What is the best online college for psychology?
Walden university has one of the best online Masters degree programs in psychology, and it is also noted for its affordability. This is largely due a streamlined coursework among other innovations. This program offers 12 different fields of specialization some of which include health psychology, crisis management and response, child and adolescent development and education psychology. Students are taught key psychology theory and also imparted with comprehensive knowledge and skills to advance in this field of professional study. This program is covered in 15 months and is accredited by the higher learning commission.

What is best online college for military?
Strayer university happens to be one of the leading online colleges for military personnel that wish to acquire higher education. It has been for 5 years in a row included in the military advanced education guide of top military-friendly higher education institutions. Strayer university also participates in the GI bill, and offers a wide variety of degrees courses. From business to criminal justice, technical, with diverse specialization options for each category.

What is the best online college for nursing?
Apart from been a pioneer in elearning, Drexel university also offers some of the best online degree programs for nursing. Which go hand in hand with practical clinical experience. The latter is based on the student’s location, interests as well as schedule. This university places a lot of emphasis on imparting cutting-edge knowhow, evidence-based practice and advanced technology usage to its students. It also offers accelerated nursing degree programs that are geared for holders of bachelor’s degrees who may want to venture into nursing. These course are accredited by the Middle State Association commission of higher education.

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