It is necessary for you to develop a habit of managing time while on campus. There are a lot you can learn while in college if you know how to manage your time. You need to study your core course, engage in extra curriculum activities, spare time for a workout and even time to socialize. Failure to manage time well can lead to difficulties while you are on campus. For example, you may lack enough time to prepare for your studies so that you can pass with flying colors. The time management skills should apply even after you go for short breaks so that you will return to class when better prepared.

Top 12 Time Management Tips For College Students

1. Make daily plans

You should plan on what to do on a regular basis besides your class work. Take a look at the schedule of your classes and plan for each of the free time you will have. You may end up wasting all the time you have free in social media if you can’t plan in advance. It is simple; just dedicate the breaks to doing different activities. For example, you can dedicate the time to working out or even revising topics you find hard to memorize during normal classes.

2. Create weekly priority lists

You should even plan for the weekend. You need to live a whole rounded life while in college. To avoid cases where you will be too busy to an extent where you will fail to undertake certain priorities in life, you should come up with the schedule of your whole week. Try to allocate specific activities to different free time you have during the week. The weekly priority list allows you to manage free time during days of the week when you don’t have classes.

3. Aim to make all the classes

It takes more time for you to learn and understand the materials you missed. It should be your priority to attend all classes. Make it a priority. Even if there are some activities which will pop up, you can reschedule them instead of missing classes. Remember it is easier to understand different topics when you hear the lecturer explaining to you.

4. Study when you understand more

Different people will concentrate at various times of the day. There are others who will focus on reading overnight while there are others who will wake up very early in the morning and revise. You should try reading at different times of the day so that you can know the best time of the day when you understand more. It is necessary because it will save you time by taking the shortest time to understand different topics. Sleep is a need to refresh your brains, always have a sleep between reading time for you to freshen up.

5. Write short notes

For you to save time while revising for exams, it is necessary for you to write short notes. Just take time and summarize the pages of your class notes so that it will take you less time to revise them before you go to do your exam. It is necessary for you to set aside time so that you can revise after you have been taught a new topic, you can write short notes for you to save time on your future revisions.

6. Do your homework on time

Lecturers will give out homework from time to time. You should make a point to tackle the homework instead of letting it pile up. Remember it will be hard for you to read 500-page notes within a day before you go to exams. If you had developed the habit of tackling homework as soon as it is given out, you will save a lot of time and understand the notes in the long run.

7. Balance your courses

All lecturers will assume their courses are the most important. But, there is a way you get to understand different classes. For you to save time and get more out of your college time, it is necessary for you to allocate different time to each course depending on the hardness of the course. Alternating hard and courses which you assume are simple will allow you understand more.

8. Learn to focus

In college, there are lots of distractors. You have video games to play, social media platforms among other distractors. To improve your class work, it is necessary for you to develop a habit of focusing on a given subject. For example, if you study a course which is hard, you should study your reading and identify the best time when you concentrate. If you concentrate when alone in a room, then it is necessary for you to study when quiet.

9. Plan to do each task once

It is necessary for you to plan and do each task once. If you are writing notes, you should ensure you write the notes neatly so that you can save time. Some students will write rough drafts for them to rewrite the notes. It can be a way they waste their precious college time.

10. Divide your tasks

To accomplish different tasks in your study, you should learn to divide the tasks into small bits. It can be hard for you to accomplish large chunks of work at once, but you can easily accomplish the tasks if you plan and divide the task so that you can tackle them at different times of the day.

11. Take short holidays

In most cases, holidays are determined by the schedule of the college, but you can decide to spend some part of your holiday preparing for the next semester. If you are a slow learner, then it is time for you to take advantage and catch up.

12. Be wise when giving commitments

There are some commitments which are not necessary. For instance, during holidays friends will like you to meet and spend some time on a vacation. You can avoid some commitments which are not very necessary so that you can maximize on the free hours on your study.

The way you manage your time in college matters a lot. It is necessary for you to apply the above tips and spend your time wisely. It is among the keys to succeeding in academics.

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