So you are more than likely aware of the kinds of degree courses that are pretty commonplace around different colleges across the country. However, various places have been known to create rather strange courses whereby you just wonder who would take the course and why. For that reason alone we have created a list of the top 10 bizarre college degree courses you didn’t know existed.

1. The Beatles
We all know that The Beatles are one of the biggest bands of all time, but are you aware of there being a degree course specifically focused on purely this band? The course is currently offered at Liverpool Hope University in the UK, which is no surprise, although they also look at culture and the role that their music played in culture in the 60s. In other words you do not just study their music, but also life in general.

2. Cannabis Cultivation.
Wait a minute! A degree course in the cultivation of cannabis? This has to be one of the strangest courses out there especially when you consider the fact that growing cannabis is illegal in most places. This particular course is on offer at Oaksterdam University, which is in California and is not exactly UCLA. Instead, it is seen as being more like a school for weed smokers, but the parties will be one that you cannot remember. Oh yeah, apparently the police might be a problem as well if you go by their previous history.

3. Comedy.
Yep, if you thought that being a comedian involved standing on stage and telling jokes, then think again. Instead, you can do an actual degree course in it at Humber College in Toronto. This course teaches you how to write, and of course how to perform and it will certainly help to increase your confidence should you go down the road of performing professionally and why wouldn’t you when you have done this course? Maybe you could end up being famous after your degree?

4. Sexuality.
Imagine having a degree course that deals purely with sexuality, but then this is a bigger subject than you realize. This particular degree is on offer at San Francisco State University, but it is far more complex than you perhaps think. It looks at sexuality in every aspect of life from art and literature to human psychology and more, so it is certainly going to be a lot of fun and may actually help to unveil some of the mysteries of humans.

5. Poultry Science.
Yep, you can actually have a degree in looking after poultry as there is more to it than simply picking up any eggs that they lay. This is available at Texas A&M and you do wonder how on earth they decided to come up with such a thing. This course actually involves chemistry, biology, zoology, and a whole lot more that is all connected to keeping an eye on the health of those chickens. We bet you never knew that this was so involved.

6. Turfgrass Science.
So, there is apparently a lot more to grass than just mowing it when it gets too long or adding some weedkiller when it does not look its best. This degree at Penn State teaches people professional turf management and how to look after athletic fields as well as professional lawn care. There is actually a point to all of this as it does mean that the individual can go on to have a steady career working in sports arenas, but it is still strange to think that you can spend several years of your life learning how to grow some grass.

7. Bowling Industry Management and Technology.
We all know that the bowling industry is massive in a number of countries, but we bet that you had no idea that you could actually go and get a degree on it. This particular course is being offered by Vincennes University and it teaches you everything you need to know from the maintenance of the lanes and pins to how to run the entire business, so you end up a jack of all trades by the time you have graduated.

8. Packaging.
Can it be true that there is a degree course on packaging? Well yes it is and it is offered at Michigan State University, but then there is a lot more to it than you realize. The course looks at different types of packaging, the impact that it has on the environment, its functionality, and how it can all be improved as soon as possible. The course is certainly a lot more involved than you will initially think, but by the end of it there can actually be some very good careers waiting for you.

9. Theme Park Engineering.
This degree might be bizarre, but it also sounds rather cool when you stop and think about it. California State University Long Beach is where this degree course is held and it teaches its students everything that they need to know about theme parks from an engineering perspective. This means that you would be taught things such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, pneumatics, and everything else that goes into actually developing those amazing rides that everybody loves. If you thought that this would be about how to make candy floss, then you are wrong.

10. Puppetry.
Some would say that puppetry was an art form and indeed it is, but it is also a degree course that is offered at the University of Connecticut. You learn about the history of puppets, how they are made, how to create stories, and of course how to perform and the students there have been involved in hundreds of performances over the decades that this degree has been offered. However, it is still strange to think about street performers or children’s cabaret acts going to college in order to learn all about it first.
There are many other degrees out there that are rather strange and bizarre, and these 10 are really just the top of the iceberg. Could you ever see yourself doing one of them? Can you see the point of them? Maybe not.

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