8 Things Students Feared About Going to College

Whether you are a freshmen or senior, many students are all exposed to these 8 common fears.  First, the change of environment brings a lot of challenges; the students become worried whether they can live the same lifestyle. Some courses are challenging; they make other students worry how their daily schedules will be so that they can make.

Fear to fail is real. Some first-year college students are afraid of failing especially if they take courses which are believed to be hard. Although some fears are just myths; it is necessary for you as a college student to do your own due diligence and know how to deal with common fears that EVERY college student has thought of!

Here are the 8 Things First-Year Students Fear about College

  1. Fear of not being smart enough

Students start to worry if they are smart enough to tackle college courses. Among the most common fear is if University or college courses are harder than high school subjects. Some college students will even discuss with the first years and warn them on individual courses which are perceived to be hard. But, different learners have different capabilities, it is necessary for you to face the fears with an open mind and look for ways of tackling them. Adequate preparation of the college courses will help you overcome the fear of failing or doubting your level of smartness. Always be sure to make use of your resources like your friends and professors to maximum potential.

  1. Will my roommate behave weird?

Space is a rare commodity in college. Once students from high school are admitted into universities where the institutions offer them accommodation, they are faced with challenges of staying in a room with strangers. Different students have particular interests; there are others who will be friendly while others will prefer their private lives. It is possible you may meet roommates whom you will struggle to cope. There are others who will try to experiment new things. They can even end up having romance in your response; you should know you have a right to the room and some acts you can stop. For instances, if a roommate is abusive; you can report the matter to the dean of students. Always adhere to the regulations the college will offer regarding the relationship with other roommates.

  1. How can you find new friends?

It is obvious you will need friends in your new environment, and the friends you had in high school should have joined a different college. The type of friends you will meet will depend on your likes. If you are a social person, you may even make friends starting from your roommates. It is a challenging issue, but you can eventually make friends. Always be careful on the type of friends you make. Finding friends whom you share the common interest in life will make your college life comfortable. For instance, if you love a certain game or a hobby, then finding friends in the same line will help you improve your college life.

  1. How will interact with my dog, folks, and car?

After few days on campus, the student starts missing their homes. You will miss your big bed at home, your parents and even pet. But, you should know at the college you are there to learn. Hence you should concentrate in achieving your academic goals. If you take a course which is too busy, you may even miss time to go home and visit more often. Enjoying free tie with your pet can be hard. But, you can concentrate till holiday so that you can have time with your favorite pet.

  1. Which is the best place to party and how to party right?

Students will like to make fun, but first-year students are not aware of places in their new campus. They will like to learn the best places where they can go and have fun. Some students may have heard of strange things happening on campus. If you are among those who have are worried, you shod not be concerned. You can discuss with other students for you to know the best places where you can go and hang out. Always take the time to develop good company who can accompany you to the social places. In college, you have freedom hence you should control on how you party and the time you will take studying.

  1. Peer pressure to have sex

It is common in college students get into sex due to peer pressure. Remember the choice to hook up remains with you. You will see your close friends hooking up and even breaking up at some points. It is not mandatory for you to date while on campus, but try to avoid the peer influence and date when you feel is the right time. Sex, while you are drunk, is highly discouraged when in the campus.

  1. How to spend money

It can be overwhelming when it comes to how to spend money. Money is listed to most college students because they are not yet learning. There are several ways you can save your money while in college. Learn about places where you can access meals cheaply as well as buying reading materials.

  1. Is it safe in college?

Most students worry about their safety while in college. But, most colleges are safe. You should as well practice safety tips. For instance, avoid going out alone. Have all security contact numbers in college so that you can call for help when necessary. Some of the useful contact numbers you can save in your phonebook include firefighters in college, ambulance and security office contact numbers.

Final Thoughts

There are real fears students face in their first years in college. But, all is not lost if you can practice safety tips. Remember safety and depends on you. To deal with fears which relate to adapting to the new environment, it is necessary for you to learn on how to adapt to the new environment. You can call home and get to know the well-being of your favorite pet and folks as a way of getting rid of homesick.


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