7 Habits Of Highly Successful Students

As a student in college, it is not always easy trying to be successful. Whether you have recently completed high school or are currently a college student, then make sure you are fully prepared for this new phase of life and know the habits of a successful college student.

Surviving in college and performing well are challenging tasks, much different than high school with nobody to lead you. Keeping these habits in mind up until the ending four years of your college experience will allow you to become a successful graduate. If you start developing better habits from now, so that will empower you to stay successful not only during college but also for the rest of your life.

Put your all efforts into finding the best habits of successful college students; try to meet other students who are in your class and become acquaintances with them. You will be surprised by how friendly everyone is. From that, you’ll be able to adapt and learn different learning styles of other students. By doing so, you will come across some interesting and great study habits to develop.

Let’s face it, we all wish there was some magical pill that could turn us into a genius. Unfortunately, not all wishes come true… But until my wishes come true, there a few other ways to help achieve greater academic success and get more meaning out of your classes.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your time and help achieve more:

  1. Researched the course and evaluated the teacher

The first step to help make the most out of your time is to research the course and evaluate the teacher. You should identify the three most important aspects of the course. Will it provide you with the credits you need? Is it the best time to take the class? Does it fit into your schedule? Trying to find at least a little out about the teacher and the course offerings will take you a long way. You can also use websites such as ratemyProfessor to see what other experienced students rated the professors.

  1. Study the syllabus

For the successful student, an extremely simple step within the first few days of any class is studying the syllabus. The syllabus offers information regarding homework, times and/or locations of tests, grading criteria, and possibly extra credit opportunities. Simply glancing over the document will not do much for you, but writing down notes in your planner or calendar for important future dates will really help. If you build the schedule in the beginning of the semester, you will have it done already and won’t need to worry about doing it later in the semester when things start piling up and it won’t be a part of your to-do list.

  1. Takes plenty of notes and asks relevant questions

If you want to be a successful student, then you need to take plenty of notes and ask questions whenever you are uncertain about anything that’s being taught. You would rather understand it the right way, then relate how close you were with your theory. Although this suggestion may seem quite basic, many people fail to do so!


Even if you question whether the notes you are taking will be needed, it will greatly impact your level of attention in the classroom.

  1. Creating study groups

Creating a study group is an effective strategy that you should practice in all of your courses. In the first several weeks of any class, you should try and become acquaintances with other students in your classes. Successful students try to find friends in their class who are serious with their studies, often forming a social group.

Usually, the bigger the group, the easier it is to influence other students to join your network, in the long run, you’ll be able to meet plenty of hardworking and focused friends. Don’t forget that they can also be a resource you can use to make copies of notes and/or handouts that you missed in class.

Remember successful students center themselves around people who work as hard as you. You will always have each other as a resource not only in the current semester, but chances that you’ll meet someone that has already taken a professor that you’re taking now is very high. A good way of hoarding all of your friends or classmates together is by using Facebook group page.

It’s obvious that us college students have some sort of social media and there’s a good chance that 99% of your class will have a Facebook, so use this opportunity to announce that you just created a group in front of your class. You need to be a person who puts themselves out there, no shyness…

You’ll be surprised how many college students are afraid of speaking up in front of a class, but once you put yourself out there, a lot of students will be shocked that you had enough courage to speak in front of a class, in return, they’ll join and engage in your page.

Pick a certain day every week that allows all the students to get together and study. This is the time each week that you guys promise to meet to get yourselves on track and ask questions. Many students who successfully graduated shared that they had a group of friends and they would motivate each other to keep coming to class, a time to study together, and show that they are on par with what topics have been taught.

Be sure to maximize your resources. Come in as a group to your professor and have a sit down with things you are confused about. If there is a concern in the class, you can easily get a group of students to appeal a question or grade. Gather contact information from your new friends via cellphone number or school email address so you have immediate access to them for any questions that arise during your solo study time.

  1. Tries to find relating publications

Students are not usually successful at first, but after trial and error, they’re able to create an intensive study schedule that works best for them. One characteristic that makes a student successful is that they made themselves very intrigued by the subjects taught in the course in some way. Because of this, they find relating publications that can help them to understand the subject matter on their free time, so it doesn’t really feel like studying when they actually like the process of learning it.

Teachers will often look more highly of your work when you can cite examples or sources other than those used in class


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute 

This goes to all tests, quizzes, and exams. Successful students never wait until the last minute to study. Instead, they study for about 30-45 minutes every day from the day they will find out when the exam is. They start studying no later than a week and a half for sure. Since if they wait until the last minute they will not get good grades.


  1. Know the importance of going to class. 

Successful students also know the importance of going to class every day. Although there are always bright individuals who can immediately process information and do well on tests, these individuals are few compared to the majority.

Going to class and making an effort not to miss offers a large advantage to those that are involved. Out simply, there are some things learned in class that may lead only to possible to take in in that setting. It may seem elementary in nature, but making an effort to attend and be on time and learn makes a difference. Attitude counts in a college setting.

Those who want to be there and gain an education will do much better than those that do not. This attitude phenomenon extends to grades and the overall levels of contentment that are reported. Integrating all of these things will make for a better experience for everyone involved, as well as being a more positive one in nature. Those that are willing to make a real effort with the experience will do the best overall.

As a result, grades will improve, and learning will commence and be effective. The benefits gained from the effort and application of technique will serve the person far beyond their college time. It will make for productive workers and brilliant thinkers, who can enact real changes. The improvements start with a single decision to try.

 Final thoughts

One of the most important things that one can do in a college setting is learning how to be a good and effective student. People that can actively better themselves are more likely to do well in school, and go on to be successful in life as well. Success in college is not rocket science, but it can be difficult. With a few steps and use of the suggestions above, getting good grades and knowing what the teacher is talking about doesn’t have to be a dream, but a reality. Remember the key to success if in your own hands.


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