5 Ways On How To Study Effectively In College

Can you still recall the first day you entered a classroom with hundreds of unfamiliar faces? I bet it was very nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time. That feeling of college joy, the awesome lavish life, the people you meet throughout your college journey. College is a great place to explore and learn more about yourself, which then becomes your light, your personality. Your truth, if you will. You will soon meet new people that may spark long-lasting friendship even after graduation.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had that excitement of going to school and hanging out with all your new friends. Have you’ve notice how you studied harder in the beginning of the semester, but as time passes by, your personal college life gets in the way of your studies, soon you’ve caught yourself procrastinating in all of your classes. If you’re not one of these students, I commend you!

But if you are part of the 99% of college students, well I’m here to fix that today!

Many college students often tie the word “studying” as a hindrance to their personal happiness. The result of your future success depends on entirely successful completion of the classes you take and often how you relate yourself to the obligations and responsibilities as a student.

Practicing the habit of studying can be a difficult task due to all the distractions in your life. They tend to socialize with their friends often at clubs, bars, or cozy restaurants. Before, your parents would set your sleeping schedule, make your dinner, then when you’re on your own, you have complete freedom to make your own decisions, commonly bad ones too!

Remember that going to college is an investment in itself. You are paying for a college degree with your money and time, that will strengthen your ability to land a high-paying and secure job at a big company.

Invest your time to study.

Make sure that even if you are hanging out your friends, you still have enough time to study. Avoid interruptions. While studying, be sure that you are away from those resources that might interrupt from your grind. Yes, you Millenials, that means your cell phone and video games too! Keep focused on the topics that you need to review. A simple trick to increase your concentration is to study in a peaceful and clear work areas.
Being diligent with your studies does not mean that you will be obliging yourself to deal with it. This will serve as the first step in achieving an academic and life accomplishment. Also, during your journey, you will soon discover good study habits that will help improve your performance at school, but here are some that have been proven to which works the best.

1.) Take good notes

Be aware of how your teacher presents their information to the class. If your professor says, “this will be on the exam”, you should instantly write it down! Write as much as you can during class. Taking notes can also help you focus more on what the teacher is saying because it makes you follow along.

Focus on certain detail that your professor says. Illustrations, examples, or diagrams should be saved into your notes with a small description on the basic concept of it.
Organize your notes well. Break your chapters into categories such as vocabulary, concepts, theories, etc.  to see how which notes belong in which categories. Be sure to create a study guide for all of your exams then divide them in a way that you can easily find the information you need for each test and quiz.

When the final exam nears, you should have an organized portfolio of your notes and the exact material to review. You can imagine how much easier your life would be!

2.) Having a healthy attitude towards learning
It is very hard to be motivated to do well in school if you have an undesirable will to learn. Imagine that you’re unable to swim but someone tosses you into a pool of sharks.

That’s principally what you’re getting yourself into in college. Always be positive and believe that studying is a skill and that it requires practice, but once you’ve mastered the art of studying, it’ll allow you to make friends easier and amaze your peers.

Most students who view education and studying as undesirable often have low scores because they simply do not have the motivation to endure. They think that course lessons are boring, irrelevant, and doesn’t apply to their dream job. Big corporate businesses want to see that you, the student, are able to keep yourself focused to get a degree. This just proves to them that you are trainable.

3.) Set homework goals

Setting aside two hours of study time every day is better than studying for five hours the night before your test. By creating a dedicated schedule for yourself, you will be able to absorb the material at a steady pace rather than cramming. That only depends if you are willing to do what you have to do to succeed.

This is just a matter of making time to study. If your friends call you to hang out, tell them NO, you have to study! Let them know that between these hours, you are studying your butt off and your Do Not Disturb mode is turned on. Don’t worry, your friends will understand and won’t bother you between those hours because after you guys can just do whatever it is you do!

There will be time to party after!

4.) Set a study plan each day, even maybe a week before the exam.
Be sure that you invest in a calendar notebook, then put your goals for each day while crossing them out as you complete each objective each day.

Studying an hour before the examination may work for the rare few, but studying in advance is the safest way to your physical and mental health. Make outlines or mnemonics of what you should study to aid your memory. The study plan will help you plan ahead on what subject to start.

Students who know what time they function the best will often prepare them upon taking their final exam. For example, if you prefer mornings, then it’s obvious you should start studying in the mornings with your easiest courses, then your hardest courses for the night time. Work with what you can first.

5.) Choose the right study setting
It is better to select a comfortable place with a clear desk, up against a wall and faced away from a window. Bring all your study essentials and get to work.

Wear headphones

Listen to classical music, it usually helps intensify your concentration by making studying feel more enjoyable. Do not listen to music that has vocals, as this will distract your brain immensely. If you’re someone like me who likes to sing, then listening to classical music will deter disruption in your study flow.

Use study guides

Most teachers will hand out study guides for exams and quizzes, and sometimes individual chapters. Make use of these! They will have all the information you need for every exam.

College is our stepping stone on how to get the career or profession we want to pursue. It is our key to make our dreams come true. The only thing that we need to keep in mind is to study effectively by developing a positive habit that can help us to be successful in getting a good grade. Make sure to have enough sleep and diet for our body and mind to be healthy and in good condition before studying.


Keep in touch with your professors. In fact, they will be more captivated and happy to know that you are interested in their lessons, often if a professor sees that a student is very serious about their academics, it’s much easier to appeal a grade.

Good luck with your future studies!


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