10 Best Stress Relievers for College Students

With the final exams knocking at your front door, it is quite natural to feel tensed and uneasy. Getting a bachelor’s degree is the only way to prove to a company that you’re worth the person to hire… But the only way of getting a bachelor’s degree is if you pass the course to continue on into your other courses. As the exam day approaches, you tend to spend more and more of their time on studying and cramming some last bit of information. During a study period, students tend to explicitly have symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and stress.

Stress is a phenomenon that many people would rather not experience. The common negative symptoms that arise with prolonged stress can cause depression, high blood pressure, rapid weight fluctuation, hair loss, deteriorate the immunity system, and many more.

Thus, it is important to have simple stress relievers that will help you reduce your stress level daily to make you feel more relaxed and calm!

#1: Get Enough Sleep

College students tend to inappropriately compromise their sleep time by staying up late cramming for an exam. Without proper sleep, your physical and mental health will be undernourished thus negatively yielding a lower brain-memory performance. Take note that your stress will endure the more you become exposed these stimulators.

Getting at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night is one of the most natural stress relievers for not only college students, but people in the workforce also!

Try to sneak in a short 30-min powernap after long hours of studying to recharge yourself in order to reduce the stress level. Be sure to keep an alarm so you don’t oversleep!

#2: Go for A Walk/Run

There is no better stress buster than exercising. Even if you do not want to go to the gym and do workouts, you should take this advantage of putting on your running shoes and something as little as a 10-15min walk will effectively reduce your stress level by allowing blood flow to travel quicker around the body. The fresh and relaxing air of nature will change the scenery after a long study session. Many college apartments offer a resident swimming pool, that you can take advantage of instead, of taking a walk.


#3: Talk to Someone Very Close to Vent Your Frustration

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to talk to someone close and can sympathize with you, whether it’s a friend or family member, you need to talk to them about how you are feeling and let everything out. This will help you to feel lighter and calmer. In return, they will definitely try to give you some advice, encouragement, and support, which will make you feel a lot better about yourself.

#4: Do You Have a Hobby?

College students often exhibit negative anxious thoughts when they are pressured to learn the material in a short limited time, most common around final exams week. But, in a situation like this, you should go do something that you enjoy… Whether it’s playing guitar, basketball, or drawing… Whatever it hobby it may be… In doing so, it will calm your worried-mind from your studies and allow your brain some time to relax and feel less distressed before you start studying again.

#5: Try Meditation or Yoga

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to naturally calm and relax your mind free of thoughts. By that, we mean either yoga or meditating at least 20-30mins during your study breaks. Find a quiet area and plug in those earbuds in to a relaxing classical piano song list or natural sounds of the ocean and birds. Moreover, you can easily find free meditating or yoga techniques on YouTube or the web…

Meditating can be a very powerful skill for controlling and training your mind to let go of worry and stress by balancing your body and soul. We know that stress comes and goes, but just know that if for whatever reason causes your stress to return, you can bet that meditating every time will be a surefire way of managing your stress and anxiety.

#6: Eat Well

During finals week, it’s only wise that you should take care of your body… By doing so, you should maintain and prepare your mind and body for a long and hectic study sessions. Make sure you keep yourself well fed before every session to increase mental concentration but too much of junk food can make you feel tired and weary.

In order to stay well and reduce stress, you have to eat well and right. A properly balanced diet containing fruits, whole grains and vegetables is a must for you during your studying as it increases learning and memorization. So, as your exams approach it is essential to maintain a healthy diet that can keep your mind and body clean.

#7: Get A Massage or Take a Shower

Another great way to reduce your stress level is by getting a proper head/shoulder massage or treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure. The pressure that’s bundled with the thought of exams will often spike the stress level of many college students.

Your head and shoulders are usually the main areas that will accumulate tension due to stress. You can lessen your stress by massaging the pressure points in your neck, temporals, and upper back. You can ask any of your family members to do it for you or even can opt for a massage therapist for as little as $40 for an hour massage.

Not only does a massage help… But a nice, hot shower should subdue your anxiety. Showering releases chemicals in your brain that naturally relaxes your mind. That’s why most people get most of their unique ideas after they take a shower! It will definitely be quite relaxing and calming after long hours of studies.
#8: Listen to Music

Music is a great and effective way to leverage your stress. Music has tremendously evolved our culture, allowing many listeners to relate with lyrics. For some reason, our brain enjoys things that flow… Anything with a rhythm, harmony, and is soothing to the ears. Listening to music can immensely help you relax your mind as well as your body.

If you choose to listen to music while you study, then here’s a good tip.

You should listen to music that doesn’t have lyrics, because sometimes you may want to sing along… As this makes your brain do 2 tasks at once; listening to the lyrics while trying to memorize the thoughts you say as you study… Songs like classical piano or guitar often help the brain focus more.

But if you just feel stressed, then sure, you can just blast your favorite song and just sing along to help you sing the stress away! But I wouldn’t recommend it while you study.

#9: Stay Organized

It is very important that you stay organized during the beginning till the end of the semester. Clutters in your room or in your study area can have a direct negative effect on your mind and body as it can increase stress levels. Your mind works better in an environment where everything is organized enough so you can begin studying straight from step 1, instead of having to worry about not having all the right study materials.

More importantly, you should attempt to declutter the space in your desk, backpack, class folders, and bundle all your other courses in the right section. By doing so, you can relieve your mind by knowing that you have all material you need to start studying. Organizing is key.

#10: Go Out for A Coffee or Hang Out W/ Friends

If you are feeling stressed out due to information overload and the pressure of having to study all the material to pass the course, then it is time to give yourself a break. A break for 15 to 20 minutes is enough to gain back the lost energy. Leaving the house is a great way to change the scenery and will give your mind time to relax. In this case, you should go out with your friends to a nearby café to have a cup of coffee. Start a conversation that’ll end with humor and laughter, but do not bring up anything about your studies. You are here to get away from studying. This easily acts as one of the best stress busters.


We know that 99% of college students experience stress at some points in their life so this list is the best ways to reduce the stress level while you study for your final exams. We know it’s not easy to study long periods at a time and can be very discouraging at times… But you must understand that when a lot of pressure is placed on the mind, you will often experience negative thoughts. So to control that, you must know different go-to ways of properly manage your levels of stress.



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